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The AGROSTAR company is the software house of STEF-TFE. To further improve quality and reduce costs, the company seeks to implement a policy of continuous improvement of development practices. The first collaboration based on an Engineering internship in 2010 highlighted common concerns on this issue. A second internship of a M.Sc. in 2011 allowed us to define a framework for constructive collaboration. Currently we have started a PhD thesis on the subject of best practice modeling with funding obtained with the participation of AGROSTAR.


We signed two CIFRE contracts with the ALKANTE company (Rennes) each including a PhD funding. The objective of the first one (2005-2007) was to integrate our approach of “Architectural Evolution Contracts” in a development process. Such a process is now operational in ALKANTE through an Eclipse plugin, AlkoWeb-Builder. The aim of second contract (2008-2011) was the integration of our results on automating the verification of compliance with good practices in a development tool that is consistent with the model driven engineering. This was achieved with the GooMod tool.


The DCNS company is a world leader in complex systems and SoS in naval defense and an innovative player in civil nuclear engineering and marine renewable energy. It designs, builds and supports the architecture and engineering of safety and mission-critical software-intensive systems-of-systems. It participates in the supervision committee of a PhD student of the ARCHWARE team bringing challenging applications for SoS architecture.


We signed a CIFRE contract with the MGDIS company (Vannes) including a PhD funding. The objective of this first PhD (2012-2015) is to conceive and develop novel architectural styles and architectures for large-scale real-time information systems based on the notion of data prevalence. Moreover, we initiated collaboration on the problem of extracting component-oriented architectures from object-oriented applications. This collaboration has not only allowed us to exploit the MGDIS’s expertise in the development of very large object-oriented applications, but it has also enabled us to get half funding for a joint PhD thesis from the General Council, the other half being funded by the University of Montreal.


The Sodifrance group is a leader for automating the transformation of information systems. Within the MOPCOM-I project, we have collaborated on the versioning of models and the configuration management process which is responsible of identifying, controlling and tracking changes of all software artefacts.


The THALES company is a world leader in designing and building mission-critical information systems for defense and security, aerospace and transportation. THALES develops technology and expertise in sophisticated technologies and very large-scale software-intensive systems. Our cooperation with THALES Research & Technology (TRT) is mainly related to feedback from their use of the ArchWare languages and toolset as well as setting new European collaborative projects in the domain of mission-critical systems of systems.

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