ArchWare Team


ArchWare is a research team of IRISA at the University of South Brittany, Vannes (France).

The main research domain of the ArchWare team concerns the software architecture. The software architecture provides the abstraction in order to rigorously design, develop and evolve software-intensive systems. It is the cornerstone to tame system complexity and to satisfy extra-functional requirements. The team develops innovative and sound languages, processes, and tools for architecting evolving software. The main project of team focuses on the scientific and technological challenges raised by architecting Systems-of-Systems (SoS).

Research directions

The challenges raised by architecting Systems-of-Systems are:

  • Suitable architectural abstractions for formulating the architecture and re-architecture of SoS;
  • Appropriate formalism and underlying computational models;
  • Supporting mechanisms to construct, manage and evolve SoS driven by architecture descriptions, while resiliently enforcing their correctness, effectiveness and efficiency.

Activity Reports

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