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Jérémy Buisson

Research topic

A system of systems (SoS) is a distributed system whose components retain their own managerial and operational independence. Because of these characteristics, this class of systems requires specific engineering processes as well as specific modeling languages. To illustrate, consider military institutions and the defense industry.  They often use an architecture framework like the NAF (NATO Architecture Framework) or the DoDAF  (Department of Defense Architecture Framework) to structure the engineering of weapon systems.

My research work lies in this context. On the one side, I am specifically interested in the problem of dynamic reconfiguration, as a means to implement evolutionary development,  one aspect of SoS engineering. On the other side, I am developing recent works adapting the SoS point of view to operation orders, especially (but not only) at the tactical level. Supporting these two axes, I am also interested in modeling and model-based engineering.

About me

Since March 2009, I am assistant professor at the Academie Militaire de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan.

In September 2006, I defended my PhD thesis at INSA de Rennes, on the dynamic adaptation of software. In my PhD thesis, I more specifically considered the application domain of scientific computing, to make them adapt to the variation of the availability of computing resources during execution.

After that, starting in 2008, I had a temporary position at Télécom Bretagne (now IMT Atlantique), to work on the architecture and the dynamic update of the control software in space satellites.

In March 2009, I have been hired assistant professor by the Université de Bretagne Sud, for a position at the Académie Militaire de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan (AMSCC), the academy for all the officers of the French Army. At the academy, I am member of the Computer Science Department as well as the Centre de Recherche de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan (CReC). My main research interests are: architecture (both software and system), system of systems, dynamic reconfiguration, and the engineering processes related to these topics. More recently, I gain interest in studying how to apply the approaches coming from software and system (of systems) engineering to the case of military operations. In this way, I consider both the evolution of weapon systems and the digitalization of the army, in the perspective of collaborative combat.

In parallel, since 2012, I am a member of the ARCHWARE team of the IRISA lab.

In February 2021, I defended my habilitation à diriger les recherches (HDR).

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