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Jérémy Buisson

jeremy-120x120My main research interest is in dynamic software updating (DSU) and dynamic reconfiguration, especially in the context of software architectures and of architecture description languages (ADL).

One example of my work is the ReCaml language, a work done jointly with Fabien Dagnat. ReCaml is a strongly-typed programming language for DSU, with mechanized operational semantics, type system and Coq proof of type soundness. It is based on the execution-state paradigm, which is shared with other works on DSU such as UpStare and Hofmeister & Purtilo (1993). This paradigm is highly flexible as it does not need that the target application suspends in a specific state such as quiescence. Further details on ReCaml, including source code and proof script can be found here.

Currently, I participate to the supervision of Sébastien Martinez (ongoing PhD thesis at Télécom Bretagne). One of his early contributions is the PyMoult library, which is a DSU prototyping platform for Python.

Some keywords

  • Dynamic software upgrading
  • Dynamic reconfiguration
  • Dynamic software architecture

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