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Salah Sadou


Salah Sadou is Professor of Computer Science at the University of South Brittany. He received the B.Sc. Eng. Degree (1987) from Algiers University of Science and Technology, and the M.Sc. (1988), Ph.D. (1992) from Ecole Centrale de Lyon, and H.D.R. (Research Direction Accreditation) degree in Computer Science (2003) from the University of South Brittany.

Salah Sadou’s research interests are centered on languages, processes and tools for designing and engineering systems where the evolution acts as a first class entity. His current research interests include architectural description languages with non-functional properties as first class entities, software restructuring (from object-oriented to component-oriented), component-based description languages and software quality. Currently, he investigates the problem of Systems of Systems security and of vulnerabilities identification in code sources. This is the domain of Secure by Design.

My publications

Current Phd Students:

Elia Christy Fikany: Integrating Security Properties in Domain Specific Languages.

Paul Perrotin: Vulnerability Analysis of Socio-Technical Systems of Systems

Nathalie Bouldoukian: Identification of Code Vulnerabilities Using Graphs and Data Mining

Elyes Cherfa: Inferring Missing Constraints for Meta-Models

Raounak Benabidallah: Identifying Vulnerable Code.

Rymel Benabidallah: System of System’s Simulation Approach for Emerging Behavior Identification.

Imane Cherfa: Mission-Oriented Specification Language for Systems of Systems.

Past Phd Students:

Delphine Beaulaton: Security analysis of IoT systems using attack trees (2019)

Mohammed Lamine Kerdoudi: Re-engineering  Component-based Web Application into Service-Oriented Web Applications (2016)

Minh Tu Ton That: Using Architectural Patterns to Explicit Non-Functional Properties (2014)

Abderrahmane Seriai: Complete Restructuring of Object-Oriented Applications into Component-Based Applications (2014)

Hamza Salma:  Assessing Component-Based Software Quality (2011)

Simon Allier: Identifying Component-Based Architecture of an Object-Oriented Application Using a Dynamic Analysis (2011)

Kahina Hassam, Co-evolution of OCL Constraints with their Meta-Models (2011)

Vincent le Gloahec: A Language and a Framework for Defining and Applying Design Best Practices (2011)

Réda Kadri: A Approach and a Tool for Rich-Web Application Development Proposition (2008)

Bart George: Multi-Level Software Component Selection (2007)

Chouki Tibermacine: Architectural Evolution Contract for Component-Based Software (2006)

Gautier Koscielny: Reflexive Model Group for Construction Distributed Applications (2001)


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